Kevin’s in town

I left the reception around midnight, and decided to swing by Justin’s to see if I might be able to catch Kevin (who’s visiting Chicago this weekend for a wedding). Kevin is out on the west coast, so it’s a rare thing when all our paths cross.

I walked up to Justin’s door, knocked, and as I was about to leave… I heard a group of people shout my name. Luckily, I had showed up right as they all returned from Clubfoot.

We hung out inside the apartment for a while. Kevin’s on the right, petting Nebula. On the left is his friend (again, not so strong in the name department… Sean maybe?).

Dave, looking up a phrase in the Slang Dictionary. This thing has proven itself to be invaluable over the years. I really need my own copy.

I hung out with the boys for a while, and shot the shit. We all sipped on some drinks, watched a few of the G.I. Joe PSA’s (from Fensler), as well as Roots Manuva’s video “Witness the Fitness.”

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