Coffee with Will

Actually left the house today for more than coffee. Well, it was technically coffee – but in a different place.

Met up with Will (aka RogueDesigner) at Filter, He had just picked up a copy of the 2005 Twelvestone Calendar, and it looks like Cafe Press sent him an extra. So, instead of me getting one… he gave me his extra, and I’m sending off a check to Scott (aka StinkFist). Win – win.

Unlike me, Will actually knows how to use his camera.

The place was packed (tons of kids, off of school and on spring break), but we lucked out on a table. We spotted one that had been just sitting there a while, and after bussing the thing ourselves… we had a place to hunker down. Will and I talked at length about writing and literature and books in general. We both got out our notebooks, and traded a few titles. Always cool stuff, talking with another English major.

After an hour plus, we both parted ways. He was off to play Go with a group that meets weekly, and I went back to do finish up some work work.

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