Spontaneous Photoshoot

This morning, while Jane and Bryan were out getting their morning coffee/smoke, Holly used them to pass a hand-written note to me. Turns out, she was looking to get a few photographs of a cheese tray she was making. My guess is that she’s just looking for some documentation of her work, possibly for a future portfolio.

I should mention that, in addition to being a great place for fine cheese and wines, Artisan is home to famous items like the Cadillac of Bologans and the Carlos Santuna.

Holly, who recently moved out to the suburbs, works at Artisan in a variety of capacities. One of her many hats has her creating cheese trays for client meetings, lunches, etc. I had a hard time shooting these photos, as my mouth was watering the whole time.

Around noon, Ben and I went down to set up the tray and take a few shots. Ben did a lot of the work setting up the shots, arranging the table space and clearing things from the background. It was good to have him along – he knows a thing or two about art direction.


Close-up shot. It took considerable willpower to not pick off a quick cube of cheese.

I’m not sure what this cheese was, but the jam in the middle looked absolutely delicious.

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