Study Session

Went over to Filter this afternoon, and settled in for a bit of studying. I had Moock’s “Essential ActionScript 2.0” with me, as Chris and I are working on developing our company’s site using AS 2.0.

I don’t know that I’m a true programmer, as my brain often takes a while to “click” when reading computer manuals. Things are hazy at first, and it takes a lot of frowning and eyebrow furrowing before the concepts actually register. It feels like trying to use pencil and paper to draw something… but you can’t look directly at your work, you have to look in a mirror. There’s a lot of stopping and starting up again, a lot of going back.

Sometimes, if I’m not concentrating hard enough, I’ll realize that I’ve glossed over several paragraphs without really reading at all: terms and names just sliding by as though they weren’t there, or didn’t mean anything. When I’m sludging through manuals, I always feel like I’m reading at about one fifth the speed of how I normally read.

That said, every once in a while Moock throws out a zinger at the end of a section/paragraph. During my reading, he caught me off guards more than a few times – which definitely made the studying process a little more fun. An example (which really has nothing to do with AS 2.0, and more to do with preference) is below:

Returning to our getArea() method, note that the whitespace adjacent to the curly braces in our getArea() definition is not dictated by ActionScript’s grammatical rules; it’s a matter of personal style. Some developers place the opening curly brace on the first line of the method definition, as shown earlier and throughout this book. Others place it on a line of its own.

Both styles are technically valid; only you can decide which god you pray to.

I felt like I made some decent progress today, despite the fact that I still don’t grok 2.0 all that well just yet. But, the more I’m reading the more the muddy waters are settling and clearing. Slowly and surely, bit by bit.

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