It’s a small (pixilated) world after all

On MetaFilter, I saw a post about the 2007 Independent Games Festival Finalists, and checked a few of them out. No longer being on a PC, I looked mostly at the screenshots and tried out a few online games.

Gamma Bros.
is one of the games that I kept going back to. It’s a bit like Galaga, but with a coin system that allows you to purchase powerups. And, best of all, it’s full of delicious pixel art. No surprise there, since the game was created by Chicago-based Pixeljam.

A few tips: If you click on “Options,” you can switch the game’s controls. Currently, they use the arrow keys to move and ASDW to fire. Ever since I started playing Grid Wars 2… I like them the other way around.

Also – if you die, you should get a “password” that lets you skip levels if you want to play again. This is a long-ish game, so get ready to lose a bit of time here.

Interesting “small world” moment: Chris noticed that the music for the game was done by Mark Denardo. Mark is a friend of Ben’s. I’ve met Mark on a few occasions and even made a rough Flash mp3 player for his website, a few years back. Craziness.

As a nice bonus, if you finish the game… you get links to two mp3’s by Mark, used in the game. Sweet!

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