Literago Launch Party

Justin’s back in town this week, and Liz and I made plans to meet up for dinner at Rodan. Allison ended up joining us for a quick meal and some catching up in Wicker Park.

Afterwards, we made our way over to the Literago launch party, which was happening up the street on Damen.

The space for the party was pretty cool – an open loft setup that allowed for a good number of people. It was somewhat dark inside, and I tried to refrain from using my flash too often. I got a few pics, but the majority of them are a little blurry.

For the first 30 minutes, I had no idea Dave was the DJ. I did see Amanda, and kept wondering “Gee, I wonder where Dave’s at.” Silly.

Genie and Gretchen. Funny thing – I’ve been working with the two of them for many weeks prior to the launch… and tonight’s the first night I’ve officially met Genie in person. She is as vibrant in person as she is over email.

It’s cool to see their project flourish as much as it has. Hopefully it just continues to grow and grow.

Liz and I snuck away to a window area, away from the crowd. We got a nice outside breeze, and had a neat view of the Blue Line that was, quite literally, just outside the window.

Shot of the crowd with a flash.

Another shot taken soon after, sans flash.

Nicole, who designed the Literago site. Again, she’s someone I worked with exclusively via email… and met tonight for the first time. I’m totally jealous of her bookshelves.

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