Chicago Assassins

I’m too late to join up for this round, but I really want to hit the next tournament of Chicago Assassins. Looks like a ton of paranoid-inducing fun.

Just looking over the Rules Page is a blast. Phrases like Excessively lazy assassins are disqualified and Employing the use of body guards, hired hit men or other third-party assistance is allowed crack me up. [via]

PS: Anyone else out there remember the movie“Gotcha!”? I actually remember getting the official paint gun that came out, not too long after. No wonder I like this idea so much.

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  1. I found your site by searching for Chicago assassins. Did you in the end sign up? I saw via Google that someone else tried to get their money back when they were never e-mailed their kill assignments.

    Tatiana Reply

  2. Hi Tatiana – I never did sign up to play, although I’ve thought a lot about it. If I join next round, I’ll definitely be posting more about it.Although, having this site is a huge handicap for me. My guess is I’d probably get knocked out early on in the game, just for how easy it would be to track me down.

    avoision Reply

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