Profanity is Fucking Beautiful: Free Desktop Wallpaper

For fun, I decided to make a new Desktops section. Around the time we were working on the wedding invitations, I started messing about with one of the fonts we used: Feel Script.

I’m not really a font person, or someone who knows a lot about type. But I found this font quite beautiful, and really enjoyed playing around with ligatures (something I hadn’t done before).

The thought of “this font can make anything look nice,” crossed my mind, and well… here we are.

While I used to cuss like a sailor, I find out don’t use profanity all that much anymore. I use it more for emphasis, rather than punctuation.

The idea is that I’ll be adding to this new Desktops section, as time allows. For now… enjoy! Dammit!

1920?ó1200 | 1680?ó1050 | 1440?ó900 | 1280?ó800 | 1024?ó768

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