So… Does This Make Me a Freak?

Got up early today, so that I could run out to Target and get supplies for next week. Bought a new sweater, some more socks, shampoo, mouthwash – usual suspects. Every time I go on a road trip for "business," I tend to stock up on office supplies. In particular, there’s a pencil that I like a great deal – been using this type for ages, and I’ve gotten really used to the way it feels, both in my hand as well as on the page.

So… I go over to the local Office Depot (one of the more depressing ones I’ve seen), and do a quick look in the pencil aisle. No luck. I go back down the aisle again, checking closer and slower this time. One by one. No luck.

I go up to the front desk and (keep in mind this is COMPLETELY not my nature to do) ask the sales attendant if they could do an inventory search for me. She gets on the loudspeaker, calls a guy over and I show him the sample pencil I brought with me (it’s a Papermate Sharpwriter, in case you’re wondering).

In my delerium, I figured that maybe, maybe there was some off chance that they had extra supplies in the back somewhere. The guy looks at my pencil, turns it over in his hands a few times and says "Yeah, we carried this." His use of the past tense made me a bit nervous. He asks if I checked the pencil aisle and I say that yes, I did go through the pencil aisle – thoroughly. We walk back together, and I stand there as he scans. No luck. He then tells me to wait as he goes to look up some info on a computer. I look around a bit more and then – there it is! On a shelf that’s separate from the rest of the pencil and pen displays, tucked next to the employee water cooler… is a whole big stack of the very pencils I’m looking for.

I grab three boxes.

Now, of course I’m not going to bring all 36 pencils with me. But now I’ve got a healthy supply at home, just in case I need them.

Whew! That was a close one. I was almost… hey, why are you looking at me that way? It’s not that strange a thing to… hey! Why are you slowly backing out of the room? Where’s your hurry? You just got here!

Wait, wait! Don’t go! I’ve got… uh… you want a pencil? I’ve got a bunch of ’em.


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