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Roughly, I think I’ve been awake for 36 hours now. Amazingly, I’m tired, but still up and doing things. Sorta. Despite how exhausted I feel, there are still those various "second winds" and fleeting moments of coherence and clarity. But for a bit at work, I wasn’t sure where I was or what I was doing. I looked up at one point, only to see a screen of slapped together keyframes and a ton of Tween1, Tween2, Tween3 in my library. Yikes. :D

Hm. Perhaps a recap.

A day or so ago, Ben and I put up a microsite for Power 106:

I’m not crazy about my animation, but I am particularly proud of the individual artist sections. It’s getting info from XML files, and I’ve got a bit of animation that dynamically moves around to accomodate whatever number of nodes exist. I…

I talked about this already, didn’t I? You’ll have to pardon me… things are a little fuzzy from where I’m sitting. Did I mention how much of a kick I got out of some of the things Ben and I were yelling to one another? I swear that we were among a select group of people to ever utter these words in the following combination:

Hey! Can you send me that Busta Rhymes XML file?

I dunno… for some reason, that was cracking me up. :)

Since yesterday, Ben and I have been working at getting Q101’s second Ultracrib contest up and live. This time around, there’s more shit and, well… take a look for yourself. Two vehicles and $10,000 cash they’re giving away, to say nothing of the rent-free apartment for a year.

For those who might not remember, I got the chance to take a peek at the apartment earlier this month. I ended up hanging out with Emma, Justin and Stu, drinking beer and watching the city lights. Rey and company have been hard at work painting the place, and filling it up with all sorts of neat stuff.

For once, I’ll say that I am particularly happy with my animation. The intro stuff I guess mostly. Rey wanted to bring in a full shot of the apartment at the start, which Ben and I opposed… but in retrospect it sorta works I feel. I spent a fair amount of time with the beginning of things, so I’m happiest with the way the upper nav comes in. As time passed… I started to lose more and more steam, until parts like "The Rules" became really forced.

It’s been fun working so much, despite the hours. Ben and I have a pretty good rhythm down, where he does layouts and hands them off to me to run with. We’ve been able to churn out a good number of things in a short amount of time this way. So far, I’ve only liked bits and pieces of particular things I’ve done, only been satisfied with some smaller, inconsequential element. I still feel that, despite how prevalent (sp?) Flash has become, most people will ooh and aah over any sort of motion put in front of them. It’s not about appropriate motion graphics that tie into the branding, or the use of visual cues to draw the eye to a particular button/area. If it spins and blinks, folks love it.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s nice to hear positive comments from folks at work. But when I stop to think about things, there’s a ton more for me to learn, and I only feel like I’m just beginning to get a handle on Flash and presenting content in a visual manner. Hanging out on forums and talking with other Flash developers… there’s just so much to be learned yet.

One of these days, I’m going to make something that I’m going to like, all the way through. I guess that’s the thing that keeps me going. :)

Ben, Justin and I shared a victory beer after work. Fun times. We even slipped down to Artisan, where they were holding a beer tasting and sampled a few there. Afterwards, Justin and I hit a bar near his place where we talked more tech (surprise, surprise).

All I’ve had to eat today has been a muffin and part of a scone. I just got some pizza delivered and I’m going to curl up on the couch for a bit. I don’t even know if what I’m feeling right now is classified as "tired." It’s a combination of confusion, fatigue and a general desire to ask anyone and anything that crosses my path… "What?"

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