Sushi, Stu

On the way to Justin’s.

At the bar, one of Justin’s favorite songs Yo La Tengo came on (I forget the actual title). When I mentioned that I didn’t really know their music, his jaw dropped and he looked at me like I had just taken a big crap on the table. When we arrived back at his place, he gave me two of their CD’s and promised me more (as soon as he got his favorite ones back that he loaned).

We were talking notebooks, and I was going on about my moleskine. He brought out his collection of old notebooks and I oohed and aahed over them a bit.

We made our way over to Stu’s, where a crapload of sushi was waiting for us. After we left the bar, Justin got a hold of Stu (who’s leaving for three weeks, on various photoshoots that will take him from Hong Kong to Australia to somewhere else equally amazing). Stu ordered for us, and sweet, blessed food was there when we showed up. Awesome.

Here’s what things looked like, where I was sitting. After traipsing around outside in the snow, a bowl of Miso soup was just the thing.

Afterwards, Justin and Stu relaxing.

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