If you’re gonna do something…

… why not just go balls to the wall? Here’s saluting you, Count Vitus Sebastian Barbaro, Patriacian of Venice. Carpe fucking diem!

I have so many unanswered questions. Count? Patrician of Venice? I just have to accept the fact that this is one of those things where I’m just never going to get any closure.

Thanks to Mike, who chanced across this in a paper by his neighborhood. :)

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  1. What is listed here is very irresponsible of Avoision. It is a post clearly executed by an ignorant, crude and childish individual. It is in poor taste to leave it posted on this site, and I would recommend removing it to avoid further complications for Avoison. I am not writing this to have it posted. Rather, I am responding to your editing policy, listed below, and request a complete removal. Thank you.

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  2. This listing is a copyright infringement for our newspaper. I believe that someone may have contacted you recently about it. I recommend complete removal of this post to avoid any future legal complications between our paper and Avoision. Avoision does not have the right to post any material within our newspapers without written consent from us. My response is not for the purpose of posting. Rather, it is a notification for the immediate removal of the post dated: August 26, 2004 12:00 AM. Lack of removal will result in future legal complications.

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  3. Dear Anonymous,I disagree with your “ignorant, crude and childish” assessment, but to each his own.A friend showed me this clipping, and while I at first laughed… the mention of “carpe diem” still holds true. I actually think of the name change as a pretty bad ass move – something I don’t think I personally would have been brave enough to do.This notice was funny to me for two reasons. First, it made me think of all the other people who change their names to “Bob” or “Lenny.” All those others look like chumps, compared to Count Vitus Sebastian Barbaro, Patriacian of Venice.Second – the backstory as to why the name change took place utterly fascinated me. Truth be told, it still does. I really would love to know the backstory as to what prompted this change, but have to content myself with the fact that I’ll likely never find out.I acknowledge your request for removal, but am choosing not to remove this post. I don’t feel I’ve done anything wrong or marred anyone’s name. And I also have no wish to edit my personal site via anonymous requests.

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  4. Avoision is a rather stupid blog, especially since it often rewrites posts differently from what organizations/newspapers/or people submit- typically changing the wording of the post to create a false sense of drama in support of Avoision’s own “ideas and points of view”. Avoision’s only purpose is to create cheap entertainment by “stirring the pot” or engaging in “creative”, bogus editing. Don’t be fooled, none of Avoision’s drama is real.

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  5. Dear Anonymous Newspaper Person -I have a few reasons why I think this is NOT an issue of copyright infringement. First off, I don’t even remember what newspaper this was taken from. Could you tell me what newspaper you represent? Because nowhere in the photograph is a publication name visible.Additionally, this photograph is of a public notice. For name changes, by law it’s required that the public be notified. This public notice is not the intellectual property of the newspaper; they, like me, are simply following the law and notifying the public.Finally, it’s my guess that both the first Anonymous Commenter and you, Anonymous Commenter #2 who represents an un-named Newspaper publication, are one and the same.Despite the fact that the comments were made about 40 minute apart, you both magically share the same IP address. You’re also the first two to comment on a post from about 5 years ago, and on the same day no less.I’m not trying to be a dick here. I’m just asserting my right to publish what I see fit on my own website. If you (whoever you are) have a genuine, personal concern or reason as to why you would like me to remove my post… then I’m all ears.Instead, you’ve intimated that I might experience “complications” if I kept this post up, and went so far as to impersonate a print publication. To top things off, you’ve threatened legal action against me. All of it anonymously.So far, I feel your words and actions have proven to more dubious and less trustworthy than mine.

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  6. It’s down to name-calling now, is it?Contrary to your statement, I’m really not editing comments that come in. Maybe the occasional punctuation tweak, but that’s about it.Also – had I actually tampered with your anonymous, unnamed newspaper copyright complaint… I doubt it would have made much difference. It was pretty thin to begin with.Sorry you think this is a stupid blog. Again, to each his own.I’m publishing all your comments as is, because I feel you have the right to say what you think.I think I have that same right, too.

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  7. First off, it is a copyright infringement because it was specifically the Geneva community newspaper that was to be notified of the individual’s change of name, simply for the purpose of clarity with the postal service etc. It being posted in a community paper to inform others within the community that we are talking about the same individual. Our private paper was never authorized to be posted on a blog. Furthermore, there is no great mystery to this individual. He is Baron dell’Albergo of the noble Barbaro family- an old and well known family. I am sure that if you googled Count Vitus Sebastian Barbaro, you would have more information about the person than you could possibly want. He was born using the name of the “courtesy title” Albergo, and later became the count for the family as a “substantive title”. I would appreciate if you would be so kind as to remove this listing from Avoision. Removal will rectify any possible complications. Thanks.

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  8. First off, I did not say all those things- the office works under a shared IP with staff and interns. Second, you were not authorized to publish a private paper on your blog. This listing was solely for the Geneva community newspaper to inform that specific community that the person listed is the same person for the purposes of the postal service etc. Moreover, I never delt with Avoision before, and I don’t personally know your editing practices. Finally, there is no mystery to this person. He was the courtesy Baron Albergo of the Barbaro family who later was granted another family title of count as an adult. If you google Vitus Barbaro you will have all the infromation you need about the person. I kindly ask you to please remove the listing to make everyone’s life easier. Thank you for understanding.

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  9. I love that you think Avoision is a drama-queen. Your posts have made me smile. I think YOU Mr./Mrs. Anonymous have given this blog a bit of drama. :) Cheers.I must be majorly dupped since I’m marrying the pot-stirrer. heh

    Liz Reply

  10. Fair enough. But you can understand my confusion, as everything so far has been submitted anonymously with no name, no attribution, no contact information, and no actual mention of the newspaper in question.So far, my sense is that the Count is indeed a real person, and that the name change was more of a legal formality, when he became an adult. Not nearly as fun as my interpretation (which was just some random person who changed his name).That said, I still feel I’m within my rights to keep this post and photograph on my site. While I’m no lawyer, I’m hard pressed to imagine that publishing a photo of a newspaper constitutes copyright infringement.While I appreciate your polite requests, I’m still deciding to keep this post up. So far, I have zero specifics as to who you are, or even the actual name of your “Geneva community newspaper” that you feel I’ve stolen from.At this point, I feel our conversation has nothing to do with the Count, and more to do with whether or not I have a right to post this photograph. Please send me your name or your contact info, or the name of your legal department. I’d be happy to discuss the matter further, but I remain convinced I’m within my rights here.And finally – I would appreciate an apology from the intern or staff who made disparaging remarks about me earlier. If your claim of a shared IP is indeed true, you have someone on your staff who’s making suggestions that I tamper with and alter other people’s words: serious claims, particularly when they come from someone within the journalism sphere.I’m sure that, as a professional journalist, you share the same concerns and understand the gravity of an accusation like this. :)

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  11. Can we all agree that the latest post about this issue should be called “RECOUNT?”

    Jay Veeo Reply

  12. I demaaaand a reCOUNT!

    ben Reply

  13. this makes me want to go home and read “the count of monte cristo,” although “Count Vitus Sebastian Barbaro, Patrician of Venice” sounds much more badass. But then again, I don’t think he has a sandwich named after him…

    margaret Reply

  14. If I were you “Avoision” I would arm myself with some cloves of garlic, wooden stakes, and crucifixes. The story as I believe it is this:”Anonymous” is part of a covenant of vampires, and holds the position of underling to his/her master Count Vitus Sebastian Barbaro. To better keep the masters identity a secret he/she poses as a newspaper journalist in an attempt to get you to remove all evidence that his/her master exists. This will undoubtedly please the Count and grant “Anonymous” a seat in his/her masters council. Once this shift in power happens it means curtains for “Anonymous” previous lover “Incognito”, who decided “Anonymous” thirst (pun intended) for trolling blogs was trite and contrived. Thus placing a permanent rift in their “relationship” forcing “Incognito” to seek vampire love elsewhere with a cuter pale companion “Unidentified”. This of course making “Anonymous” jealous and the reason behind all this drama.P.S. I totally would love to be immortal “Anonymous”. *wink* If the Count would have me in his covenant of course. I’m really good at trolling we could do it together whilst holding hands and listening to goth music. What do you think? Maybe we could get together, you could have me for dinner?P.P.S. I’m type A for Awesome.

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  15. Legally, you are in copyright infringement. Your example of “publishing a photo of a newspaper”, with Dewey/Truman, is not a valid example because that particular photo was a press release authorized by both the newspaper and the photographer to be allowed for fair use within the public domain. Your website is capitalizing from a privately owned paper without authorization from that newspaper to use its content. My advice is to not play games with ths particular matter and just remove this post. You are looking for more trouble than its worth by playing with this one, and by leaving it, you are also allowing for global exposure of Avoision’s questionable practices, which may be taken up legally at any time and cause even greater problems for you down the road. There will be no further talk from us via a blog, and if you choose to not appreciate a polite request for removal, legal papers will be served to the appropriate parties at Avoison.

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  16. Bring on the legal paperwork, then. Until I see an actual Cease and Desist, I refuse to remove content from my website based on anonymous accusations of copyright infringement.I’m curious how Jay Leno does it. From your logic, he’s then paying royalties or getting permission from each and every print publication for this segment of his show?I feel that I’m within my rights, but I’m not a lawyer. Perhaps you are a lawyer. I have no idea, as I don’t even know who you are.You’ve repeatedly failed to identify both yourself and your paper, despite my requests for your contact information. Or that of your legal department, for that matter.I’m not even sure who I’m talking to at this point. Is this the surly staffer/intern who called my blog “stupid” or is this the other anonymous person who also works at the same newspaper?To me, it’s likely that you are the actual Count… but that’s my best guess. All of the anonymous comments seem to be from one person, as they all share common characteristics:> They’re all one big paragraph, with no line breaks or hard returns. Perhaps all the “Enter” keys are broken at whatever unnamed newspaper these unnamed people are working at.> Punctuation seems to be consistent across multiple comments, despite the claim that they are from other people. I’m used to seeing punctuation within quotation marks, “like so.” However, all the Anonymous comments use a similar style where the punctuation falls outside the quotation marks, looking something “like this”.I’m not a journalist, but I don’t think that’s proper grammar. I could be wrong, and would love to hear from someone who actually IS a journalist.I’m curious, when you say “There will be no further talk from us,” who is us exactly? Is it you and the others at the unnamed newspaper? You and the rude staffer/intern?Perhaps my best course of action is to track down the newspaper in Aurora, and talk directly to their legal department, and clear this whole thing right up. My sense is that you, anonymous commenter, are not who you say you are.Whoever you are.

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  17. This is the President of the Internet. In light of recent events, Avoision, I recommend you walk away from this fight. As we know, once an article or image has been posted on the internet, it is cached forever, and trying to rid yourself of it is pointless. To summarize, Avoision, if you remove this post, you could be open to a lawsuit from yourself, and there’s no way you can win that fight. Or lose.

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  18. what

    nickd Reply

  19. You are free to post your email or phone number for further discussion outside of a blog.You are also quite inexperienced in legalities, especially since you do not understand that Jay Leno has a whole legal team behind his performances for authorization and clearance.You are making things harder for yourself- you can simply remove this posting and move onto a funner topic- it is just that simple. You are the one who is making things difficult, and things will soon become very difficult for Avoision. A difficulty that will cost you both money and hardship.

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  20. If this posting is not taken down in a timely fashion, all legal payments for drafting paperwork, attorney fees etc. will hold Aviosion responsible via a class action suit. Any additional costs in time needed to track down the appropriate parties at Aviosion will also be contained within the forementioned suit.Copies of this blog have already been made proving that a resonable request was made on the part of the representative party for a fair and reasonable solution of removing, which then places further blame of hardship and legal expenses onto Avoision for an unwillingness to remove the posting.Copies have also been made of your policy clause that states that you will, ” promptly edit ” in the case of unhappiness with your postings, of which your previous statement above is in rejection of.I strongly urge you to simply remove this problematic post from Aviosion to avoid further hardship.

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  21. Dude, you totally got punked!!!! ” bring on the legal paperwork “… lighten up!!!!Man, come on, this post has been here for five years with not a peep on it. Do you think that the newspaper is all of a sudden concerned about a post five years later. The newspaper probably doesn’t even know that it is listed. As for the count, I’m sure he could care less. That bad-ass is probably off in some Ferrari livin it up right about now!There’s even bigger issues out there too. Wikipedia is saying total bullshit about this dude’s whole family, specifically some “Barneca” douche bag administrator, and others, who are obsessed with hoaxes that don’t exist- those haters slashed and burned Vitus, his mom, and most Barbaro topics right out of Wikipedia.Chill my friend, your not getting sued.

    Anonymous Reply

  22. Yeah, I wasn’t really thinking I was going to get sued, but hey – thanks for clarifying that. :)In hindsight, hats off to you (I’m assuming all the anonymous posts are from you). Looking back I should have seen this for the trollbait that it was.Silly of me for biting. Dumb.Made for an interesting day though.

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  23. “Copies of this blog have already been made proving that a resonable request was made on the part of the representative party for a fair and reasonable solution of removing, which then places further blame of hardship and legal expenses onto Avoision for an unwillingness to remove the posting.”Uh. A representative party? That could have been anybody, and without verification it is certainly not a reasonable request.Quite the drama. Made for a good morning read. I’m guessing the Count was googling himself. :D

    Liam Reply

  24. I’m pretty certain all the “Anonymous” comments are from the same source. The “President of the Internet” was a goofy comment I attributed to one of my friends, but I’m guessing is from the sam guy. It got kind of confusing there, with all the Anonymous posts.End of the day, I think it was just some dude trolling. I never really thought I was talking to someone from a newspaper (but I did sincerely think I was talking to someone who was trying to intimidate me with fake legal chatter).So yeah, I got taken for a ride – by someone who was pretending to be someone who worked at a newspaper. Or, more accurately, someone who was pretending to be someone… who pretended to be multiple people, working at a newspaper.But you’re right, Liam – made for an interesting read.

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  25. Great thread…thanks for inviting current writers back here to take a gander.But I’ve got to say that I can’t agree with the idea that the count could care less and is off in some ferrari somewhere….me thinks the count is googling himself and is finding himself a wee bit sensitive about reminders that he used to be Vito from around the corner.You’re right. I’d like to know the story, too.(don’t look now, but I think your 15 minutes are gaining on you)

    Robin Einzig Reply

  26. Wow. Just…wow. It’s like eating a big bowl of crazy for breakfast. Or, as it were, a midnight snack.

    Marty J. Reply

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