Note to self

You had a fucking BLAST tonight. You got your agorophobic ass out of your apartment and hung out with friends, and went out. You met even more friends unexpectedly, and that made venturing out even better.

You need to listen to more music, because there’s a ton of shit you’re missing. You need to go to shows more. You know that your friends have good taste, so when they suggest something – don’t second guess them! Their recommendations don’t come lightly, and tonight was further proof that their advice is worth pursuing.

Tonight was yet another instance where you were invited out, and you almost passed on it. Remember this, and all you would have missed out on had you decided to sink into your anti-social hermit mode. Add this evening to the growing list of evenings where being social was worth it, despite your proclivity to introversion.

Keep tonight in mind, the next time you’re tempted to say no.

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