Two birthdays at Exit

I was heading over to Exit to meet up with Liz and Steph, as it was Liz’s 30th birthday. As it turns out, today was also Mingus’ birthday, and I was hoping both groups would get together for some celebrating.

Hot Donna, looking her meannest.

Erin and Matt, doing his best growl.

These were friends of a friend of Liz’s. L to R, I think it’s Mandy and Amanda.

Heather and Liz. Heather works with Liz, and the two of us chatted it up about Literature and poetry. Turns out she is an IU grad, and studied English there as well! We had some interesting talks about the Beats, about poetry slams, and writing in general.

Group shot of all the twelvestone folks. L to R it’s Mingus, Jeff, Will and me.

After a few drinks, I just start taking pictures of everything around me. The lighting on these skulls was pretty fantastic.

We were standing underneath this for most of the night. I think I find Gacy the most disturbing of the bunch. Something about his eyes…

Vikings behind the bar.


All I got was a rock.

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