Chicago: Winter Parking Ban

I’m not sure when this rule went into effect, but I guess now there are “Priority Arterial Routes,” where nobody can park… regardless of the snowfall amount.

I’m used to seeing the old signs where, if there’s 2 inches or more on the ground… you can’t park. Those signs I’m famliar with, and they run Dec. 1st through April 1st. The rule I’m NOT familiar with is the one regarding the “Overnight” routes, which prohibit any cars at all, REGARDLESS of whether there’s snow or not.

Basically, if it’s between Dec. 1st and April 1st, you can’t park your car on these streets. Well, let’s say you can’t park them between 3AM and 7AM.

If you live in Chicago… I, personally, have about 160 good reasons why you should click on the links below. Sheesh.

Winter Parking Ban.
Priority Arterial Routes: Snow Over 2 Inches
Priority Arterial Routes: Overnight Restrictions

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