HBO Starship Intro: Behind the Scenes

Chris sent along this great link to a 1983 “behind the scenes” look a the classic HBO intro sequence (aka “The Starship”). Not only are the details of the model city pretty fascinating… but it was fantastic to see how some of the special effects were created. In particular, I was pretty wowed by the “Stargate Effect” by David Bruce.

Oh, and I think “Illusions” song by Jonathan L. Segal is frighteningly catchy. It’s that kind of song that makes you wince for the first 30 seconds or so, but at about the minute point you find yourself tapping your foot. At about a minute five, you stop tapping and look around to make sure no one saw your foot moving to the beat.

Pay a little closer attention, to detaaaaaaaaaaail!

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  1. DC and NYC show weekly movies outdoors during summer nights. Usually an old classic. Anyway, it’s sponsored by HBO, and they play this intro/music before each movie.

    There is a now a sensation called the “HBO Dance” where about 1/4 of the people stand up and spontaneously start moving to the music. The other 3/4 of the people look confused. There are a few low quality videos on YouTube (partly because the movie doesn’t start until it’s dark).

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  2. That’s pretty incredible! I know how powerful a shared pop culture reference can be, but I’ve not yet seen it manifest itself physically before.

    More than anything else, the audio seems to be the most powerful aspect of that trailer. I’ve always been fond of how companies can brand themselves sonically (Intel, PlayStation, Empire Carpets), and the ones that are successful tend to be *really* successful. I’m surprised there aren’t more companies trying to make a name for themselves, in the audio realm.

    Looking at these folks, I can sort of identify with their glee. But at the same time, I can’t help but think of a cult. That’s a bit weird, but it was my first thought on seeing all these strangers dancing simultaneously/independently.

    *blisses out*

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