Spider-Man Musical: It’s Real, and Chicago Auditions Start May 7th

Swear to God, you guys, I think this is actually real. Apparently, there’s an upcoming musical entitled Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark.

And if that little fact doesn’t blow you away, consider that it’s being directed by Julie Taymor (you may know her as the director of the movie Titus, and for her work directing/designing for the musical adaptation of The Lion King).

On top of THAT? Music by Bono and The Edge, from U2.

I’m actually a fan of Taymor, and expect this will be pretty good. Not that I go to a lot of musicals… and I haven’t ever seen Lion King in person. But I’ve seen a fair amount of Taymor’s work, and definitely like it.

Still though, the idea of this being a musical makes me giggle. Why are so many pop-culture stories finding their way to the musical stage? Has there been some kind of resurgence of song that I’m unaware of?

The musical will be opening in multiple cities, and casting calls are underway. Note to those in Chicago: if you want to try out, auditions are on Thursday, May 7th.

On a lark, I sent in an email asking for more info. I have non intention of trying out, but I did want to find out any details about what, exactly, an audition for Spider Man would actually entail. From the website, applicants are expected to bring a photo of themselves, and be prepared to sing a pop/rock song a capella.

I decided to ask for more details – here’s what I wrote:

Hello, I’m writing to find out some additional details about the upcoming casting call for Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark. I have the information from the site (date, time, location), but I’m curious to know more about parking details and the overall sign-in procedure.

Also – should I bring along anything else beyond a headshot? Resume with prior roles/productions? Finally, does the sample a capella song need to be of a specific time period? I’m not sure if 90’s rock or classic rock would inadvertently feel too dated.


Here’s their (auto) response:


Thanks for emailing us about SPIDER-MAN Turn Off The Dark that will
take New York by storm in February 2010! Below you should find all of
the detailed information about each audition city and what to prepare.

Can’t wait to see all of you in a city nearby!!

Thursday, May 7th
Visceral Dance Chicago
2820 North Elston Avenue
Chicago, IL 60618

Parking: There is free street parking on Elston and Diversey. There
is also some available on Western. You can take the Blue line and get
off at Western and take the Western bus north. There is also a
parking garage about two blocks southeast off Elston next to Panera
and Xsport. Across from Target.

So there you have it. And for any of you brave souls planning on attending the audition… break a leg!

Spider-Man Piñata
Spider-Man Lunch Box

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  1. Jason and I have heard about this, but didn’t know it was so far along in the production stage! Also didn’t know it’s going to be in multiple locations. U2 + Spiderman, we may just have to drive to Chicago for this one. – Layla

    Layla Reply

  2. You should swing on by!I am sorry. I couldn’t help myself.

    avoision Reply

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