Bunny Sitting

Tonight, we dropped off Baxter and Quincy… to be looked after by Liz Rench. We’re heading out of town for a few days, and so hired Liz to look after the bunnies while we were gone.

Unlike cats, bunnies need a lot more daily maintenance. They need to be fed twice a day, which means cutting up fresh greens in the morning and evening. Because they’re so small, missing a meal is actually a big thing and can be potentially life-threatening if they go too long without eating.

So while I used to ask friends to cat-sit, asking them to check in our rabbits would actually be a tremendous hassle – someone needing to stop by twice a day, each day we’re gone. Whenever we go out now, it’s easier for us to turn to Liz Rench, who is always able to house and care for more rabbits.

We first met Liz last year, and got to visit her and her six rabbits. Tonight while we were there, Liz showed us how one of her rabbits, Simon, loves to play with this giant plushie squid she has in the bedroom. Next time, I need to ask her if I could record the whole thing as it was pretty freaking hysterical.

Here’s a funny thing I noticed tonight: as we were walking through Liz Rench’s place… we could smell that she was baking. On leaving, I noticed some fabric and a few patterns sitting on the dining room table. What is it about girls named Liz who like baking, bunnies, and sewing? Must be in the blood.

Chicago Rabbit Sitter: Meeting Liz and Her Six Rabbits

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