Grandma Phoebe Update

Tuesday morning, we learned that Grandma’s heart rate had dropped a bit. When we arrived at her room, Jordan, my sister, and I met up with my mom and dad, Uncle Corky, Auntie Dawn, Auntie Vicky and Uncle Benny.

It was good to talk with Uncle Benny in particular, as he is the one family member with a medical background.

During our time there, Grandma was more alert than she was the day prior. While she was still sleeping a lot, there were moments where she did wake up and open her eyes. There was also one brief moment where she did sit up on her own.

A few times, she would wave at the people nearby. I don’t think she truly recognized anyone specifically, but could tell people were near.

I sat with grandma for a while, and was able to help her drink some Ensure and a small bit of water. I tried to offer her lunch, but she didn’t have any interest in food. As often as I could, I offered her up a bit of Ensure for her to drink.

In a few instances, Grandma was able to convey her wishes through hand motions – indicating she was thirsty, or that she wanted the curtain around her bed opened up a bit more. For most of the time though, she was primarily in and out of sleep.

While Grandma was more awake today, her lack of appetite continues. And there are some additional points of concern, related to her heart rate and kidneys.

For now, everyone is focused on making sure she is comfortable.

Grandma Phoebe in the Hospital

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