Grandma Phoebe in the Hospital

I found out over the weekend that my Grandma Phoebe was in the hospital. On Saturday, the family was alerted by the nursing home that grandma had a slow heart-rate. She was then taken to St. Vincent’s hospital, and the next day she was examined by several staff (an emergency physician, as well as two cardiologists).

Uncle Corky and Auntie Dawn came into town, along with Jordan. On Monday morning, it was determined that the best course of action was for Grandma to return to the nursing home, to her own room, and begin receiving hospice care from the facility.

On arriving at St. Vincent’s, I met up with my Aunt Vicky, and my mom and dad. My sister had just left to go pick up the kids, and Uncle Corky and Auntie Dawn were back at my parents’ house, catching up on sleep.

In the room, Grandma was sleeping. We all sat together for a while in the room, waiting for the hospital staff to arrive and relocate grandma back to the nursing home.

Everyone split up a bit at this point, but I decided to head to the nursing home with my mom – and to see her get re-settled back in her old room. As luck would have it, we pulled out directly behind grandma and followed her the whole way.

Grandma’s wheelchair, situated just outside her room. The afghan resting on the chair is a very familiar one, as it’s one that we have at my parents’ house as well.

I learned from my mom that grandma originally gave her a crochet kit with this particular pattern, and that both of them made their own version. One remained at my grandma’s house, and another at my house. This afghan is an incredibly strong, visual trigger for me – as seeing it took me immediately to my chldhood.

While I was visiting, Grandma remained asleep. Her breathing was shallow at points, and labored at others.

Much later in the evening, when my parents were visiting again, we got a call saying that Grandma had woken up briefly. It was for a short time, but she had her eyes open and waved a bit to those around her.

Visiting Grandma Phoebe
Happy 104th Birthday, Grandma Phoebe
Happy 105th Birthday, Grandma Phoebe

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