How to Read Body Language

There are some generalized “this is what your body language means” definitions I had in my brain, due I’m guessing to various pop culture references. Crossing your arms (or legs) is more of a “blocking” gesture, indicating the person is not receptive to whatever is being discussed. Looking up in one direction means you’re recalling facts/numbers, and looking in another direction means you’re recalling a memory or emotion. Stuff like that.

It’s interesting to pair that with former FBI agent Joe Navarro’s experience, who actually is an expert in body language. This is a pretty fascinating peek at all the non-verbal information we reveal about ourselves.

Fun trivia fact: I learned, way back when I was more into poker (and was watching a lot of it via TV and Netflix), poker champ Annie Duke studied “tells” by reading FBI manuals regarding body language.

In an interview I saw with her, she talked about “self-soothing” techniques, similar to what Navarro mentions in his video. It was interesting to see a poker segment in his video, as well.

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