Nightmare Fear Factory

My coworker Jane was talking about this Haunted House during lunch. There’s one room where you’re walking through (in the pitch black), and from the other end a car appears to be crashing through the wall, headed right towards you. Apparently, at this moment, there’s a camera that’s set to take a photo of everyone’s reactions.

We tried looking on the official site, but their gallery is currently under construction.

God bless the Internet Archive Wayback Machine.

A few broken images and the pics themselves are gi-normous… but I guarantee you’ll be laughing your head off. My coworkers and I were in tears. Half the fun, I think, is viewing the full image and slowly scrolling out to the right. Some hysterical stuff there.

Check out the archived gallery here.

// Edit: A LOT of people are showing up on this page, via Google Images. As of 2011, there’s an official Flickr account dedicated to all these fantastic “scared” photos. I’ve added more info on this updated blog post.

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