Dipti Puts Me to Shame, Literally and Metaphorically

Dipti, someone I’ve known since middle school, is also living in Columbus. I spent most of Saturday day flitting around town, trying to catch up with folk. Dipti and I dated briefly during our undergrad years, and she’s someone I’ve gotten along with smashingly. Between her and Melinda, I feel like the three of us constantly know what the other knows… it’s like we all share the same brain. While in Columbus, all three of us were extremely close, and shared almost everything with one another. Dipti is incredibly sharp, surprisingly blunt, and incredibly kind. I see her as a mirror to me, in more ways than I can count.

She’s been seeing Jeff, a boyfriend of many, many years. Wouldn’t surprise me to see them married within 2 years. Currently, they were house sitting for Jeff’s grandmother, who had recently passed away. When I showed up, they were in the process of packing up the bulk of her possessions, and the whole apartment had just been steam cleaned. Boxes were everywhere, and they were on the verge of moving out.

I showed Dipti my camera and, being the photojournalist she is, she started to fill me in on some of the basic terms (aperture, shutter speed, fstop, etc). She used her camera as an example:

When I remarked on how large her camera was (and how small my penis suddenly seemed), she said: "This is nothing. You should see some of the really big lenses Jeff and I have."

In terms of photography, I think I will always be an amateur enthusiast. :D

Before I leave, I hit the freakin’ jackpot. Dipti tells me to take whatever I want. I choose a few half-empty bottles of booze and a French Press. Free alcohol rocks!

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