Not a very fun or good day.

It’s 11:34 PM, and I’m in the office still. Debating sticking it out for a few more hours, or just giving up and going home. I’ve been trying to make progres the past few days, but other shite just keeps cropping up.

I was coughing a fair amount today, and by the time 9 PM rolled around, I had coughed so much I gave myself a headache. I took some aspirin (can’t even remember the last time I took aspirin), and that seems to have helped. Of course, staring at a computer screen since 8:30 this morning probably doesn’t soothe the head (or the eyes).

Damn, the more I think about today, the more complaining I want to do.

I’ve been in a pretty pissy mood all day. By now, what had earlier had been a blinding rage (think cursing, think genuine urge to punch things) has since subsided into a muted, annoyed acquiescence.

Alright. Lingering here too long. I’ve typed and erased a good three paragraphs’ worth of moaning, and I need to just fucking stop. Everything that came to me on Wednesday placed me in a foul mood. Technically, it’s now nine minutes into Thursday.

New day. Start fucking over.

Mountain Dew. Loud music. Go.

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