Quiet Day

Ben was out. Jill was out. Rey and Deb were both out.

Quiet day at the office.

Justin was in a really bad mood, and couldn’t seem to shake it for most of the day. He lost his cellphone sometime last night, and I think that just added to his dark mood. We talked a bit at the end of the day, and he seemed to pick up somewhat… but he seemed to be pissed, and just troubled. Wish there was something I could have done. I’ve been like this before, and sometimes there’s nothing anyone can do.

Later on in the evening, he called me up to tell me about a development with his phone. He had tried calling microcenter, to see if someone found it as perhaps he dropped it in the store yesterday. Turns out, he had called his cell phone repeatedly, and when the phone picked up… there were a few guys talking in the background. He ended up cancelling his phone service, and got a call a few hours later from a cab driver, who had found his phone in the backseat.

Hopefully, tomorrow, Justin will get his phone back from this nice cabbie who decided to track him down.

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