Little Brother

After work, Justin and I hit microcenter for some errands. I wanted to buy a laser printer, and he needed a few items. This is a fairly big, impulsive purchase for me… so I’m surprised I just out and out did it, without really doing much research or giving it much thought. This morning, I decided I wanted a printer.

My main goal is to get back into sending out poems. I want to start submitting shit out to magazines, and to get my writing out and about into the world once more. I did it at the very start of my grad school life, but it tapered off into nothing during my second and third years. I got a few things placed, but I feel like it’s time once again to start submitting.

Getting a poem published was really cool. I’m looking forward to that again. But what I’m really hoping for now is a book.

Two additional mentions here: First, I got a call from Kent, asking if I wanted to go see Matrix Revolutions. I turned him down, after much pausing and waffling. While I’m sad to have missed the chance to see it with him (since we went to see the last movie together), I’m proud I stuck to my original plan. Second: While we were at Microcenter, Justin started speaking Hindi with a few of the employees there. One guy remarked: "Your accent is almost perfect!" I feel this one tidbit worth recording.

Here’s my old printer, which I’ve had hooked up but hasn’t been working right for god knows how long. My friend Aimee gave me this sticker, and I love it! I wish there was some easy way I could remove this sticker and place it on my new printer.

Installing the cartidge. This is new territory for me, as all I’ve owned prior to this has been inkjets.

Here’s the home setup. Conveniently, everything in the room outside of this shot is in disarray. But I cleaned off the desk enough to where it *looks* like I’m clean.

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