Hung out with Dustin

Hung out with Dustin and Sherie tonight, as they were in town prior to heading out to Vegas. I cabbed it on over to John and Rick’s place – two guys I originally met last May, when Dustin and Ty were in town for their housewarming. Hung out there for a while, and the five of us meandered over to a nearby local bar (something called the Horsehoe maybe?) they frequented.

All of them were headed for Las Vegas tomorrow, bright and early. I always seem to be the one who hangs with Dustin and Sherie, right before they go someplace really cool. Last time it was Jamaica; this time, Vegas. From what they all said, the entire 4-day trip out was going to be something to behold. Lots of old college friends together, and it sounded like the bachelor party was going to be no-holds-barred. Good stuff.

In back, checking out some of the records. They called me over because Dustin thought I’d know the name of the band that dressed in all black/yellow (and that’d be Stryper, thank you very much). The heavy metal roots are deeply entrenched.

More albums.

John and I played a few games of pool (he and Rick are both incredibly good billiards players). I did ok for the evening, and ended up chatting with a few of the folks who gathered around the table. I had my notebook out, but failed to write down every name… and, sadly, I’ve forgotten the name of the girl on the left. Erin? Argh! While I normally try to get first names down on paper, my notebook was being used as an impromptu chalkboard, tracking who all had next game. I suck at names.

On the right is Ana Mission (from God), of The Windy City Rollers fame. Definitely check out their site, and dig some of the pics (the team names alone are worth it). Very cool group, and everyone involved is a total badass.

The more I drink, the more likely I am to ask people for permission to take their picture. Ana was kind enough to let me take this shot of her sleeves.

Right before we parted ways for the night, I gave Dustin $5 so that he could place a bet for me. I told him to put it on the number 9 at a roulette table. Whenever he felt like the time was right – it was up to him.

Dustin – are you reading this? You’d better not be spending all my winnings! I’ve got plans for that money!

Group shot: headed for Vegas, baby!

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