Foundation Gallery

Foundation Gallery
, entrance.

A few materials by the front door. It was kind of cool to notice that Bail magazine was here, as was a You Are / I Am book. I’t’s kind of nice – and makes me me feel like I’m hanging around the right group of people, and everyone’s plugged into the same stuff.

In retrospect, perhaps I should have written down artist names and titles. But I didn’t. Check out the Foundation Gallery site for more info.

Some cool tee designs.

Some of my friend Matt’s work. It’s interesting to see someone else work in the medium of words, but to produce something physically different. Although I work with words choices and word order, at the end of the day I’ve got a piece of paper with some ink on it. It’s neat to see how certain words or phrases manifest themselves, and how they physically come to be.

This photo doesn’t really do the pieces justice. My favorite is the one of the far left (which you can’t really read). If memory serves, the text is “The Morning After Was Awkward.”

There were several dogs in the gallery space, and I had a blast trying to photograph them. This is the only one that came close to turning out (there were three dogs, and two of them spent most of their time running around).

I got a lot of attention from the dogs, evertime I kneeled down to try to take their pictures. I swear that I’m a cat person, but today came close to winning me over to the dog side.

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