Update from Justin

Got a call from Justin today, and found out a bit more of his recent adventures. He’s in San Fran currently, and last night he apparently expressly went out to find the gothiest bar/danceclub he could find (and succeeded). After a bit of trial and error (one of which included walking into a leather biker bar), he found a pretty amazing place from the sounds of it.

At some point in the evening, I think he was chatting with an erotic dancer named Tatiana, who was wearing what he described as Beetlejuice-esque stockings.

Seriously? I can’t wait until he comes back and I get to see pictures and movies of all the shit he’s been up to.

He also raved about the sushi he’s been eating, and hanging out with old college and ex-Chicagoans. Sounds like he’s having a blast.

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