Hot Doug’s

I took today off (one of the comp days I accrued, from the past few weeks). For lunch, I went over to Hot Doug’s again with Justin, Chris and Leslie.

I should have taken a picture today, but it didn’t feel very playful or spontaneous, and would have been forced. Still, I don’t see Leslie all that often, and wanted to sort of document that occasion.

The one cool thing that happened at lunch was this: we were waiting around for a table. This couple gets up, and we all hover. This other guy also hovers, and he and his wife begin to try to take the table. Over the counter, the guy who takes all the orders yells out that, he’s sorry, but we were ahead of them in the queue.

How cool was that? The guy at Hot Doug’s blocked for us! Awesome!

The really funny thing about this lunch was that, the whole time, I forgot that I was “off” and not “working.” While there are some bad things mixing work and the home life… I have to say I thoroughly enjoy the fact that I get along so well with my coworkers (they’re all more friends the coworkers, really). At lunch today, the line between work and fun blurred, and I think I really like that about my job.

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