After work I came home, picked up a notebook, threw on the bag that Gretchen got me and headed over to Filter.

There, I hung out for a long while, drinking coffee and sketching out some ideas for a web site. I dare say this one might be one of those that might, might make its way out of daydream and into reality. I think it’s honestly, genuinely got legs. All it needs is some sussing out, and I already have a few folks on board who I think feel the same way.

While I was there, I was listening to my iPod and had my head down, concentrating. But at one point, I heard a track by Battles playing, and took off my earphones to listen. I took that as a good omen, seeing as how the Battles show at Empty bottle ranked as one of my Ten Favorite Days from this year.

Right now, it’s closing in on 11PM, and I’ve got way too much caffeine roiling around in my arteries. I made some good progress tonight, but man oh man… I hope I can get to sleep at a reasonable hour.

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