A long while ago, I mentioned a particular animation of Radiohead’s Creep, as done by Low Morale.

Mr. Grumpy brought up this video today, and it’s still a joy to watch. The company that made the video is Monkeehub, and they’ve got a lot of fun work.

In particular, I noticed they did another full animation set to music – this time for a song called JCB, by a band called Nizlopi.

The video is awesome – it animates the song well, and there are some cool things done with blurs and motion to create a great sense of depth in the piece. To top it off, I dig the song and find it incredibly touching.

So here are the links:

JCB Video
JCB microsite
Nizlopi (official band site)

If, for some reason the video is super slow to load up (it’s like 14MB, and their site was a total snail earlier today), let me know. Worse comes to worse, I’ll upload a copy onto my site and link that guy instead. It’s definitely a video I want you to be able to see.

// Edit
Well, it’s 2017 and some twelve years since this was originally posted. Here’s the video on YouTube:

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