Early Morning, Filter

I woke up super early this morning, and made it over to Filter for some coffee and an early breakfast. I was looking to spent an hour or so, pre-work, to kick around ideas and such for this new site we’re working on collectively.

I sat near the window, at the same table as when I last came here, super super early. It was good to watch the world go by a bit, but I spent most of my time lost in notes and scribbles.

This morning was great. It reminded me immensely of my undergraduate days, back when I was in Bloomington and would go to this coffee place called “The Daily Grind” (which, oddly enough, is what I think this place used to be called, before it became Filter).

Back in Bloomington, I’d sit and drink coffee until I couldn’t drink anymore. I remember reading tons, and getting ideas left and right. The buzz of caffeine, the sense that I was creating things and exploring whole worlds through the tip of my pencil.

I felt like that again this morning, and I’m convinced I need to do this more. I think I’m going to get hooked on this, actually – carving myself an hour or so, before the work day. Time to reflect and think and plot, before the machinations of the day-to-day take hold.

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