A Day of Publications and Media Attention

How cool is this – my friend Gretchen made the cover of the Chicago Reader. I’m a bit late in posting the announcement, but you can take a gander at her writing/piece online.

I don’t have a good photo from the event, seeing as it took place in Berne, Switzerland. But my friend Matt (aka Tha.Riddla) competed in the World Barista Championship… and took third!

I, personally, have never competed in a “World” anything… so I tip my hat. Way to go, Matt!

Looking for more press coverage? Try here, and here, and here. Logins available at bugmenot.com.

That last link should have some video of him in action. As does this earlier blog entry, when a bunch of us went to get get served by the barista-master himself.

A new TV spot
came out today for The Loop (WLUP) promoting Jonathon Brandmeier (and also featuring the new Loop Rock Girl). Check out the spot.

On a related note, Johnny B was the DJ who had Sumo Wrestlers in the Conference Room.

We got news, a few weeks back, that Rey and Deb (my bosses at work) got interviewed for a piece in Billboard Radio Monitor. We saw a few advance copies (black and white), but it wasn’t until today that I saw the real deal.

Check it out – “the Rockstars of Emmis Interactive.” Awesome! :)

Shot of the article itself. Pretty awesome press, and what makes it even cooler is that I was involved in several of the projects they mentioned in the article.

What a nice ego boost, and a nice boon for our division. Dare I hope for the day when some magazine, somewhere, decides to publish a big group photo? We need to get ourselves over to Sears, and get one of those “Family Photo” package deals, soon.

We were talking a bit, at the end of the day, about our recent iTunes Music Store launch. Rey mentioned the longer, on-air spot they were playing in New York on Hot97 (with Jay-Z), but none of us had really heard it. So we all went into Rey’s office, where he turned up the speakers and gave us a listen:

We also ended up doing a few quick searches, and found a bunch of links about the store from all over. Some from hip-hop news sites to Japanese blogs, we seem to appear in a wide variety of sites. A nice big arc, going from Macworld UK to ThugLifeArmy, from Yahoo! Finance to Chronic Magazine.

Pretty fun day, overall. :)

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