Call and Response

One of the great things about YouTube is its ability to allow people to post “responses” to other videos. Most, I think, are just so much inane chatter – additional detritus to clog the already clogged video airways, as it were. Sometimes, it results in people posting a video response to a video response to a video response – with each one being more dull than the last.

Other times though, magic happens (as with the Kersal Massive videos, below). Something terrible becomes something brilliant.

YouTube was originally seen as a vehicle to get your message out to the populous. However, as time goes on – we’re seeing it being used as a means to respond, whether directly through a “response video,” or whether it’s slightly more indirect (like George Takei responding to Tim Hardaway’s comments, or JetBlue CEO David Neeleman responding to the recent round of massive delays and cancellations.

Hope you find this stuff funny (especially the Kersal Massive bits). I may have gone a bit overboard on this, but the remakes just crack my shit up. I love the Internet.

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