Congratulations, Liz!

This evening, I stopped over at Liz and Steph’s place, to help celebrate Liz’s graduation. She successfully completed her Library Science degree, and now knows how to access information in ways you and I can only dream of.

Although I was pretty beat from the day, I’m happy to have participated in the festivities – however briefly I was there. I got into some great conversations along the way (particularly with the Hollises) and got to share in the celebration. Liz’s reaction to my gift was pretty terrific, and I’m glad I (apparently) got her something she liked.

Her folks were in town, and brought in some delicious (and apt) treats.

Steph did up the apartment, and gave a festive feel to everything.

Liz, posing with her dad. Notice that the mug she has in her hand has the Dewey Decimal number for “beer.” Is that nerdy or what?

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