The Bridge

I recently watched a documentary entitled The Bridge, and it absolutely took my breath away. The film is about San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge, and the people who go there to jump, to end their lives.

In 2004, the director and crew spent an entire year on site, filming the bridge… and many of the 24 suicides that took place (and dozens of attempts). The footage is tough to watch, and made my hand jump to my mouth more times than I can count.

It’s not overly grim or depressing, it doesn’t wallow or exploit the suicides. The film is remarkable in its empathy, in its attempt to understand… or at the very least, offer up a window into one of the darkest moments in these people’s lives.

The pacing and music are excellent, the entire thing is just really well done. I was incredibly moved by this film and, when talking to Liz about it in the kitchen… I literally got chills recounting some of the more intense, poignant moments.

Rent this film. I can’t say enough good things about it.

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