Cursor*10: Cooperate By Oneself

is a fantastic, fantastic game by designer Yoshio Ishii. I’m not going to give you too much info on how to play, as I think part of the delight of this game is the discovery process… figuring out how it works, and what the best strategy is.

One hint: The tagline used on the main screen (Cooperate by oneself?!) is not a grammar error.

This game has all the elements I admire – intuitive interface, challenging gameplay, and of course the discovery process that occurs as you figure out how to play, and how to progress.

After figuring out how the game works, I found myself saying out loud “This is great, this is great.” Out loud. I was so taken by the game, I feel like I stopped playing and was just admiring how it was working.

Interestingly, as I was looking up the Yoshio Ishii’s name, I discovered that he had a ton of games… and a ton of them reviewed on

More than that, I’ve also linked to a few of his games (see Panda Pang and Plupon). Good to finally know the guy’s name. Now… I’m off to go and play some of his other games. [via]

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