Second Skin: Documentary About Gamers and MMORPGs

Second Skin
looks to be a pretty interesting (and well-done) trailer about MMORPGs and the people who inhabit those imaginary/virtual worlds.

Myself, I got into playing WoW a fair amount. But after a while, it began to become more work than game for me. Eventually, to actually feel like I accomplished something during gameplay, I’d need to log at least two hours or more. It got to a point where I just couldn’t find the time anymore to play around.

For the most part, I was playing solo, going around alone. Had I joined a guild or banded up with a group of players… I’m sure I would have gotten sucked in more. While I don’t know that I was ever totally got addicted to the game… I can absolutely see how someone could easily get lost.

As games get more complex, I find myself increasingly fascinated with stuff like this. It’s equal parts technology and psychology, and desire in some ways too.

Also: check out this NYTimes slideshow of gamers and their avatars, as well as the upcoming Chinese Gold Farmers documentary.

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