My mySQL Walkthrough

Justin spent some time with me today, and walked me through installing mySQL on my Mac.

Justin’s offered to help me go back and clean up a bunch of old blog entries. Back when I migrated over to MovableType… I did a batch conversion that took all my old entries, and made them MovableType-friendly.

Unfortunately, I didn’t have date/time stamps back then. So if there were multiple entries on the same day… they all got tagged with the same timestamp (12:01 AM).

As a result, if you go back to some super-old entries, the navigation messes up and doesn’t quite work properly… getting stuck in a bit of a loop.

In addition to looking over my old data, Justin gave me a walkthrough of mySQL and how to create a basic database. I don’t know how far I’ll get, but it’s neat to know that I can tinker a bit right on my mac. The idea of being able to run/create my own database opens up a HUGE world of possibilities… and I’m pretty excited at that prospect.

So much more to learn, so much more to play with…

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