Liz Makes Rock Candy

Liz started messing around with another idea she has for the wedding: homemade rock candy. There’s going to be a large candy-table filled with all sorts of stuff, and this is on the list.

She’s trying out a variety of colors. Apparently, the examples she saw online were all much lighter than she wanted, so her mixtures tended to go on the dark side.

I wasn’t around for the initial mixing, but my guess is it’s mostly dissolved sugar and a lot of food coloring.

After maybe 20 minutes or so, we could tell that there was something happening with the crystals. This shot was taken the next day, maybe 12+ hours later.

So far the crystallization has been a bit spotty. The blues have done well, but the smaller red glass started to crystallize overall (but just not on the wooden stick).

It’ll be neat to see how big these guys get… and how they taste.

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  1. I hope you’ll post updates on these guys! I’m curious how they’ll turn out.

    Marty J. Reply

  2. I linked this to today’s friday dance since I’m gushing about Liz. I can’t help it. The girl’s so damn crafty in the kitchen!

    Marty J. Reply

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