Autocomplete Me: Unexpected Google Searches

Autocomplete Me
is a site that displays Google search phrases that you probably didn’t have in mind. Lots of funny stuff in here, and if you’re like me… this site will send you to Google, in search of your own.

Google’s suggestions may be off the mark for now, but give it time. The Singularity draws ever near, my friends.

[via MetaFilter]

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  1. i love playing with google’s autocomplete, but this overshadowed news of a similar function being integrated into their language translator. head nyuh-wise and type (don’t paste!) “sous la pluie,” and watch it go. ridiculous.

    nickd Reply

  2. That’s hilarious! But seriously, when *will* Jesus bring the pork chops, Felix?

    Marty J. Reply

  3. My guess is he’s waiting until all of us finish the pork chops we have on our plates, first. Then, he’ll swing back for Second Coming Helpings.

    avoision Reply

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