The Word of the Day is: Doppelganger

Margaret gave me this, which was on her “Word of the Day” calendar last Friday.

What’s funny is that I perpetually get mistaken for someone else, here in Chicago. I never thought there’d be all that many long-haired asian guys with facial hair running around. But there’s at least one (or more), as folks tend to assume I’m someone else.

Several years ago, my friend Matt mentioned he might have found my doppelgänger. A few Flickr searches later, Ben finds the guy and gets me an email address. I set up a meeting, and the two of us (me?) meet for the first time.

Here’s the discovery process, in sequence:
In Which He is Presented with Incontrovertible Proof That His Doppelgänger Does, Indeed, Exist
Doppelgänger, Flickr
Ben Makes Contact
Here Goes…
Meeting Me for the First Time

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  1. I have at least quintuplegangers here in Columbus. I’ve seen ’em walking around town with my own two eyes. They look harmless….

    juliet Reply

  2. I had to comment on this old post Felix because we totally found A.P.’s doppelganger! And I’ve convinced him that we need to arrange a meeting. I used this post as proof. : O ) BTW, it’s CREEPY to have a doppelganger. I am fascinated by this guy who looks (in some photos) almost EXACTLY like my husband. SO WEIRD.

    Marty J. Christopher Reply

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