When Worlds Collide

Liz got a package from Amazon yesterday, and it contained an assortment of sewing-related things. In addition to a few books so purchased, she also picked up some rather strange items: a large stack of comic book boards, as well as a 100 plastic comic book bags.

Apparently, this is a storage technique that a lot of folks use for their sewing patterns. Liz has a preference for vintage patterns, and as a result many of her patterns are somewhere between 30 – 50+ years old. It’s rare to buy an older pattern that hasn’t been used before, so oftentimes these patterns have been sitting out, exposed to the elements, for a few decades.

Using comic book storage techniques seems like a smart way to go about preserving all these delicate pieces of paper. That said though, I got a chuckle out of seeing a vintage pattern cover next to some faux comic book characters. I’m easily amused like that.

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