Oh… Christmas Tree

Well… it was a good plan.

Liz and I have found ourselves on the eve of some holiday traveling, with our tree still not quite decorated. We’re off to Atlanta for the weekend, and tomorrow sets us on a mini-tour to see a lot of family.

In looking at the undecorated tree tonight, it’s been making me smile. We’ve been super busy the last few weeks, and this guy is kind of a very visible reminder of that. We’ll be back though. Our goal is to get him decked out and properly attired before Christmas arrives.

To all of you who are preparing for the holidays, running around and trying to three days’ worth of work in one day’s time – I hope you finish and get to rest soon. Once we board our flight to Atlanta, my main job is going to be hanging out with family, maybe reading some books, and a whole lot of nothing. Naps may be involved.

I may or may not be able to update the site for a while, so if it’s quiet here… assume I’m on a couch somewhere, chatting with relatives, watching a movie. And hoping you’re somewhere warm, doing the same.

Decorating The Christmas Tree, 2010
O (Delicious) Christmas Tree, O (Delicious) Christmas Tree
Baxter Nibbles The Christmas Tree

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