No More Empty Tabs: Pretty Up Chrome With These Extensions

Late last week I discovered you could load up random images from Google Art Project in your Chrome browser tab, via this MetaFilter post. So rather than look at a blank space, this extension gives you something beautiful and new, with each new tab you open.

I installed and liked the extension. But then it got me wondering whether there were other extensions that did similar things – but with photos, instead of art work. I did a little digging and found the following other extensions I think are worth checking out (all of which are for Chrome):

Photos from Flickr
Earth View from Google Maps
Exposure (Photo Narratives)

Of the bunch, I have to say I preferred the Flickr extension the most. I’ve had it set up now for a few days, and it just continues to delight me at several turns. While there seem to be a limited number of photos per day (I found that I was seeing some repeats by the end of the first day), the images seem to “refresh” so that a newer set is shown the following day.

Not sure if it’s even time-based, but though there are repeats – there always seem to be newer images, eventually. And they’re all just stunning and great. For someone who spends as much time in the browser as I do, it’s a really great extension to have.

This is the Best Photo That’s Ever Been Taken of Me
Ben’s Photo of Me in a Robot Costume Shows Up as a Twitter Ad for Ruxit

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  1. Nice finds Felix, check out Momentum – it’s got some amazing photos, instant weather, a motivational quote, and a simple todo list (it sounds more busy than it is). The pictures seem to rotate a couple times per day (so if you open 5 tabs quickly, you will get 5 tabs with the same picture), and I don’t recall any repeats over the past year.

    Scott Reply

    • Thanks, Scott! That’s more than I want at this point in time, but nice to have another option listed (for future visitors).

      This gets me wondering what all’s involved in creating a Chrome extension. I’m working with a decent amount of self-updating data from my Augur project, and now this has gotten me wondering how tricky it might be to create a plugin out of it.

      avoision Reply

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