Bad Bunny

Sometimes, bunnies are super cute. And then sometimes, they’re just… stinkers.

Phineas has long had a bad habit of digging and kicking out hay/litter during the day. In an attempt to curb this behavior, Liz and I have a small spray bottle of water that we use. Whenever we hear him digging, we spritz him once with the bottle (the water comes out as a stream), and we re-enforce things by saying “No!” firmly.

This morning, while we were both upstairs getting ready for work… I heard Phineas digging. So I ran downstairs and did the usual: bottle, spray, no. Then, I went back upstairs to finish getting ready.

When I returned downtairs to prep breakfast, I discovered… one of the worst messes I’ve ever seen. This was not an incident of bored digging: this was vengeance. Pure, unadulterated vengeance. Bunny-style.

And look at him there! He’s tired out from all his work, and just hanging out like it’s no big thing. Stinker!

As I was preparing their morning medication and food, Phineas was super excited and doing binkies all over the place. He couldn’t have been happier.

I am not looking forward to what awaits us, when we get home. Maybe his wrath has been sated, but I guess we’ll find out later tonight.

It’s tough to stay mad at something so little and so cute. But still… what a rascal.

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  1. I’m sorry… he seems to be from my side of the family.

    Liz Reply

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