Quincy and Phineas, Free to Roam

Last night, after dinner, Liz decided to let the rabbits out of their pen area so they could roam around a bit more. Our house is still pretty messy, and there are lots of areas where we’re trying to keep the buns away from… but we were able to cordon off the main room and the stairs, allowing them to explore just a bit.

Hard wood floors are tough for rabbits, as they can’t really grab much traction when they hop about. So in addition to placing carpeted tiles in their area, we put out a few spots for them to move around on.

Phineas, in particular, is very wary of hardwood floors. It was hard not to imagine him thinking “The floor is lava, the floor is lava” the whole time.

Quincy, taking a quick break to snack on some hay.

At our old apartment, we used the sunroom as the official home for the rabbits. And most evenings, we’d open up the gates and give them free reign to wander around the apartment.

It’s tough now, as I want to give them much more space than we have available. In order to be able to run around more – they need more space. So I can’t help but feel like we’re cooping them up (even though this is markedly more space than they’ve had in a while).

I suppose we’re all making do, as the house slowly gets into shape. Living inside a house we’re re-working leaves us all a little cramped at the moment, but at least we’re all in it together.

The Bunny Rabbits Are Home!
Phineas on the Move

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