Lera Lynn: Least Favorite Life

I got to catch the first episode of True Detective (Season 2), and found myself really loving it. I saw Season 1 and thought it was great, and am now really curious how they’re going to continue the story with new characters.

I think half of what makes this show so great are the slow, silent glances everyone gives one another. It’s like a Western with cops.

I really fell for the song My Least Favorite Life, by Lera Lynn. I couldn’t get it out of my head, especially when I saw that the first two songs from the series are now available on Rdio (the other being “The Only Thing Worth Fighting For).

This is not really a song I would gravitate towards normally, to play over and over. It’s not a pick-me-up tune, that’s for sure. It’s like the ideal thing you would play, if you were sitting down for a meal of Quaaludes and sadness. But by god, I just can’t stop listening to it.

Here’s a bit more info on Lynn. I also learned that the lyrics were actually written by Rosanne Cash. While the music is what caught me, the lyrics are also pretty great.

The Low Anthem: Cage the Songbird
The Tallest Man on Earth: There’s No Leaving Now
Sóley: I’ll Drown

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