ComEd Returns for the Cherry Picker

I worked from home today, so that I could run an errand (dropping off a lot of stuff at the Checmical Recycling Dropoff, which has some really odd hours).

Around noon, I got a knock on the door. When I opened up, I saw a ComEd guy asking to gain access to the backyard, so they could try to retrieve the cherry picker that’s been sitting out there since the blackout.

We originally were told that someone would come by the next day. After a few days, Liz called ComEd, and got an apologetic manager who said they’d let us know once the parts the were waiting on came in.

Well, ComEd showed up today, totally unannounced. We got no email or call, they just showed up. Which was super lucky, as my car was in the driveway – and they would have just had to come back another day. Some luck.

After hearing the machine start (and stop) several times, I finally heard the thing moving after about 45 minuntes.

With my car out of the way, I watched as the picker got slowly moved out. Amazingly, this time, they didn’t move anything at all. They just slide right past all the bins and everything.

Seeing this thing at night was pretty cool, and seeing it moving in the daylight was still… also pretty cool.

Assuming the little red thing was some kind of portable battery, or jumper.

I had my car parked in the neighbor’s driveway across the street. ComEd was double-parked and blocking traffic heading North; and just a bit away, a landscaping crew was also double-packed, blocking traffic heading South.

I was in awe at how much traffic there was on our little street, during the day. All the stuff we miss, when we’re off at work!

While I’m glad this thing is gone, it feels a little lonely out back now. We got close to trying to give him a name (I was going with “Herbert”), but nothing quite stuck. In another week, perhaps, he would have had a name and we would have started dressing him up for Instagram photos.

A Visit from ComEd at 3:00 AM
Selfies with the ComEd Cherry Picker

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